About ME

I am an independent director/producer the creates story-driven corporate media (primarily video) for Fortune 500 companies.  In association with leading production agencies, I have produced media for Autodesk, Cisco, Cloudera, Cytosport, Genesys, Google, Hitachi, Kaiser, LinkedIn, NetSuite, ON24, Realization, Siemens, SFDC, Ventyx and Yahoo.  

Clients and agencies call on me to develop and create media for product launches, conference openings, customer success stories (global), incentives, on-site videos, vignettes, commercials, sales enablement and other sales/marketing functions.

My role in the production is to interpret your content objectives, suggest a content/narrative structure that serves the communication objective and then organize and lead the needed resources(researchers, writers, designers, talent, film crews, animators, composers and editors and so on).  

For over 20 years, it has been my privilege to be a production resource in the San Francisco Bay Area, and work within an amazing community of technicians and artists and serve world-class clients.  Every enterprise has many stories to tell, small and large.  I look forward to helping you tell yours.

To your success...